The 12 Days of Fitness – Holiday Fitness Tips

It’s difficult enough to get into shape during the year but tougher during the holidays. Parties, martinis, and Christmas cookies are plentiful often causing you to lose your map to the treadmill. To ease the stress and inject a little fitness into your holiday season the following twelve days of fitness should guide you right into a fit new year.

On the first day of Christmas stick with the pear tree theme and try more fruit like the seasonal clementines as opposed to cookies.

On the second day of Christmas park a little further from the mall in the daytime to be safe and get some more walking done in addition to your shopping.

On the third day of Christmas try drinking plenty of water and eating a balanced meal before heading out for your holiday party so you won’t eat as much at the party.

On the fourth day of Christmas try inviting friends over to string lights outside and decorate as climbing up and down ladders and stairs should help burn some calories.

On the fifth day of Christmas start to stand further and further away from the food table at the holiday party so you’ll be less likely to make multiple journeys to the food table.

On the sixth day of Christmas get together with family and friends and walk a mile or two to sing carols at a hospital or nursing home.

On the seventh day of Christmas get out the ice skates and take a twirl on the ice to burn calories, go skiing or take the kids sledding.

On the eighth day of Christmas try small portion sizes of seasoned nuts that have a kick for a healthy treat and give some as gifts as well.

On the ninth day of Christmas take the stairs to go to different floors in the mall instead of taking the escalator or elevator.

On the tenth day of Christmas if you live in a snowy region give the gift of snow shoveling to an elderly neighbor and you’ll get the gift of a vigorous workout and the blessing of giving in return.

On the eleventh day of Christmas host a holiday party using a gym or recreational facility and do activities putting a seasonal twist on them (ex try racquetball with red balls, play S-A-N-T-A instead of H-O-R-S-E in basketball).

On the twelfth day of Christmas allow yourself to eat, drink, give gifts and get plenty of rest to start the new year with a revitalized spirit and plenty of energy!

Have a wonderful holiday filled with peace, joy and health for all of your friends and family.