Quick Marketing Tips to Improve Your Business

Marketing is a very important aspect of every business. In fact, no business will succeed if its marketing strategy is not properly defined and executed. But before we go on, let us first define marketing. A good definition is that marketing is the process by which companies determine what products or services may be of interest to customers, and the strategy to use in sales, communications and business development. That is as clear as any definition can be and inherently already has some good marketing tips in it. We will focus more on the process of determining the interests of the consumer and more particularly, how you can find out what people are thinking with regards to your product or the industry you are in.

For many years top marketers, just like Frank Kern, believe in the power of understanding how the consumer thinks and also feel since much of the buying decisions can also be emotional in nature. But whether it is the practicality of the product or the emotional attachment that the buyer feels about that product, it all boils down to just one thing: what do the buyer think about the product? We will discuss this further by enumerating some marketing tips on how you can get into the minds of your consumers and think just like they do.

First of all one of the most effective and tried and tested approach is by using surveys. You do this by printing out some survey questions or setting up a website where the participants can just click or type their answers. However, unless the essay is essay type, your questions as well as the answers that you will be getting from it can be quite limited. And do not think about creating an all essay type of survey because people hate that kind of stuff. Make it easy for them to answer your questions and as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, a survey will give you a good hint as to what your product means to your consumers or at least to your target market and what areas you need to improve.

Another great free marketing tip is a focus group discussion. In the Frank Kern core influence cd it was discussed that in the decision making process as well as the actual act of buying, what the consumer values most is the experience that he goes through. Therefore it is more than just knowing if a consumer likes a product or not and on which price range does he thinks is fair that are important to discover. Since a focus group discussion is a face to face activity, you can intimately interview the participants and read the emotions that they share, not only verbally but also through their gestures and intonation.

Finally, one of the best marketing tips that you can get is to think like how your consumer would think or behave in a given situation. If that means you have to stereotype your target market, by all means do it. Think of all the qualities and traits that your ideal customer will possess and put all of it in the personality of an imagine person. Then do what that person would normally do like what kind of website he would visit, what restaurants or bars he would frequent, what are his tastes in clothes and food, and so on and so forth. By putting yourself in the shoes of your customer you will have a better understanding of how they think and act.